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Rugged Computing

Materials, human factors, and manufacture-ability are scrutinized to the highest level of detail. This ensures the final design not only meets the original objectives, but also takes into account unforeseen issues and resolves them prior to final design.


Consumer products are constantly evolving, advancing, and improving. We are at the leading edge of this development with design that revolves around engineering solutions to create innovative products that stand the test of time. Clients want a well-thought-out finished product. Using our refinement development process, we take the product through the required stages to address every aspect of usability, human factors, branding, marketing, materials, and manufacturability.


Using the latest components, materials, and fabrication techniques, we design interiors that exceed project requirements. With our vast links to supplies and our up to date in-house library, we have access to the best solutions. We provide face-to-face VIP service developing sketches, renderings, and drawings that represent the space as it is being created, and always invite the client into the design process.


Our strength in medical product design has led to providing clients with lucrative solutions that have transformed the medical industry. These products have revolutionized how medical staff works, and we continue to build relationships within the medical field to bring innovation to reality.


When it comes to creating equipment that needs to withstand abuse in the field, we have been challenged with developing some of the most rugged equipment in existence. From computers to the rapidly expanding use of paperless tablets, we have the experience to rugged your sensitive equipment to meet the most stringent of requirements.


We have developed some of the latest in communication equipment, and are staffed with a flexible team to accommodate designs requiring a quick turnaround time.


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